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There are many reasons why you would want your house to be renovated, maybe an office is needed, a garage added, a new addition to the family, deteriorating kitchen, you want to sell your property or even just because you want a new kitchen, bathroom or lounge. We do all types of renovations like Painting, Plumbing, Paving, Tiling even Carpeting. You can trust T2 Makers and Constructions to do all your home renovations and home improvements successfully and with minimal discomfort to you and your family during the time. Whether it is an entire renovation to your home, adding on extra rooms, house alterations, adding garages, boundary walls, and kitchen or bathroom alterations.

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With many years of experience in house renovations, you can count on T2 Makers and Constructions do the job right! T2 Makers have a full professional team to cover all your building requirements. You are more than welcome to make any type of request you may have or want done to your house during the renovation period. We will assess your requests and will give you a free, no obligations quote on the renovations.

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Work within your budget

The new renovations and improvements will not only make living there a lot easier and nicer but also increase the value of your home immensely so if you are planning to sell your home in the future your home will be worth a lot more than it was originally. We work within your budget: with the right guidance you can do a lot with a small budget.

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